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This is my STORY and the HORSE …. of Course…..!

A HORSE on Course… Maveric NGO Sovereign States … A FAIRY TALE in the making…

Maveric NGO gets Government Approval to invest $100m in
Tourism Development in Ghana

This is the story of a little 3-year old caring girl who shared whatever she had - cookies, sandwiches, sweeties - with children at school and factory workers at her daddy’s business everyday. Marilyn “Gypsey” Luongo, born 1954 in Bulawayo, spent most of her early childhood in the Rhodesia of yore - where butlers, housekeepers, tutors, endless verandahs, dressing for dinner and yummy high tea were on the bill of fare.

The family left Rhodesia, moved to Auckland Park, became South African citizens shortly thereafter - flag, anthem, passport et al.

When Marilyn, a pupil at Helpmekaar School, visited distant family in a tiny hamlet in the heart of Bavarian Black Forest country during school holidays, she “adopted” her German grandparents and Deutsches Essen - Würstchen, Brötchen, Kartoffeln, Sauerkraut, Eisbein and cuckoo clocks became second nature.

Back home, Marilyn continued, caring for others. A visit to a friend, injured in the Bush War, at #1 Military hospital, resulted in Marilyn visiting patients on an ongoing basis, lending a sympathetic caring ear or reading to soldiers who had lost their sight or sustained injuries during battle, and was the very beginning of the Maveric dream.

Selfless engagement with fellow human beings, and only one objective - the betterment of mankind..

Marilyn rounded up both skilled and semi-skilled carpenters, plasterers, builders and glaziers from the community to race over the finish line exactly six months later. 280 families were full of smiles as they became proud first-time homeowners, some of whom slept in a real bed with a real roof over their head for the very first time in 50 years. Besides homes, Orange Farm Project also has a school, a clinic and train siding. Community members were encouraged to set up small businesses and agricultural plots to service, first the crew and then the residents at Orange Farm.

During the excitement, these joyful tidings came to the attention of Mr Peter Kekana (local ANC leader). A trip to the UK resulted in Mr Kekana meeting Mr Jimi Heselden, well-known business tycoon and millionaire from Leeds. Mr Kekana excitedly mentioned Marilyn's Orange Farm Project to Mr Jimi Heselden.

This metamorphic experience opened the doors to reality, that the poverty curse needs to be erased forever. Destitution, starvation, fear, homelessness, pain and suffering can and must be eliminated.

Marilyn's father Dr. Michele Enrico Luongo was her great inspiration in attaining her goal. After the death of her beloved father (aged 91) Marilyn conceptualised and launched (Sept 2005) Maveric Lifestyle Lodge Retirement Villages to offer REAL service to REAL people after retirement and when old age catches up with them….Retirement as You like it…..People friendly, Pet friendly…..Your Home for Life.

The Concept of Maveric Lifestyle Lodges and Maveric Group of Companies have been made possible by various people who have shared the Maveric vision and beliefs by assisting to achieve goals and ideals to reach the present status.

Maveric horse logo (based on Spirit and Hidalgo movies) conveys a message of how both fought for independence and endured all to attain the goal of freedom to roam the plains that belonged to them before man came and enslaved them. The sparkle in the Maveric horse's eye represents eternal hope. Horses returned to the Americas, bringing the ability to move rapidly from place to place, stay on track and symbolically travel across the plains of your life.

Marilyn travelled far and wide sourcing lodge locations and investors. Whilst in Ghana in 2010, Marilyn was contacted by executors of Mr Hesseldon’s estate with sad news of his passing and that she was named a beneficiary in Mr Hesseldon's will. Mr Heselden (OBE 2006) bequeathed 26 million USD and 30.8 million pounds (for education) to Marilyn when he died 26 Sept 2010 (aged 62).

“There are people out there who are making money and when times are good I honestly believe people have a moral obligation to use their wealth to help others.” - Jimi Heselden September 2010.

Gypsey and Advocate invested Marilyn's inheritance and funds from Jimi Hesseldon in Euroclear on a trading platform. These invested funds mushroomed into trillions of dollars, donated by Marilyn to Maveric Banking NGO.

The Maveric NGO Sovereign States 12-year journey of discovery has been a hard ride, with hurdles, enemies, poachers and the occasional water traps along the way. After saddling up and cantering out of the starting gate, Maveric is the now the hot favourite with the finish line in sight.

Mr Jimi Heselden’s bequeathal re-triggered the desperate plight of homeless families, victims of war and refugees subjected to horrific circumstances - no shelter, no food, no health care, no education, no employment, no future, particularly in Africa and the Middle East. Without hesitation, Marilyn decided that her heritance would be used to alleviate this suffering.

Marilyn discussed her plan with Advocate and together they contacted UN and other major world role players.

Benefactors late King Abdullah, late Crown Prince Sultan bin AbdulAziz Al Saud Saudi Arabia and his son and successor Prince Bandar all shared similar ideals and joined forces, assisting with allocations of crude oil to fund.

Maveric Donors, World Organisations, Benefactors joined hands resulting in the conceptualising of 1500 villages in Africa and Middle East Maveric NGO Sovereign States.

Following in the footsteps of General Salad ad-Din Yusuf (1137 - 1193) who, during the crusades, gave large portions of personal wealth to his subjects, Gypsey has donated every cent (donations, inheritances, money raised) for a better mankind.

A firm believer in life betterment for others, Gypsey ascribes to the concept of Onenism, esoteric doctrines and alternative healing, all of which will be integral in the running of Maveric NGO Sovereign States.

Accommodation, job creation, healthcare, nutrition and interactive education are key to success with primary focus on safety of citizens to ensure a perfect state of being.

Gypsey and her Maveric dream team are determined to banish life threatening forces and disruptive elements from Africa and the Middle East to create a magical joyful lifestyle for all…...for LIFE…….

“Mr Tarkovsky's assistant and filmmaker, Jussi O’Donnel tried to get Mr Imo Kalu, one of his movie funders, to also invest in Maveric.”

Mr Imo Kalu introduced his attorney, Barrister Kelechi from Nigeria who tried to get funding via Zenith Bank. Barrister introduced Gypsey to a Russian named Mr Valeri looking to buy fuel. Mr Valeri travelled to Port Harcourt to meet Edmond More, a Ghanaian with an allocation of fuel. A deal was struck for 48m barrels with Maveric Lodges SA appointed as agent.

A year later an email arrived advising that $40m in commission due was awaiting collection in Ghana.

So just before returning to Ghana Sultan Hareb called from Angel Investors, offered funding and agreed on $20m USD. On arrival in Ghana and meeting with Sultan's agent, Mr Kwesi, who arrived with a box of cash to be deposited in a bank in Ghana and at Barclays Bank, there was a second box of cash already waiting to be deposited.

“I reported this matter to head of Bureau National Intelligence who although initially shocked, became very helpful by referring me to Bank of Ghana who, in turn, sent me to the business centre to reg a company in Ghana and get a bank account.”

During six trips to Ghana (with lawyers in tow) resulting in an 8 months stay in 2010/2011, the real problem for endless delays emerged.

Commission for this initial oil deal was paid into Edmond More’s bank account in Kuala Lumpur. Edmond More paid commission of $40m USD in cash into Barclays Bank Ghana. Then, by a written order from, the then President of Ghana, Mr Atta Mills, $40m USD was moved, together with money from Sultan, to Central Bank of Ghana.

In addition, adding fuel to the fire and igniting the problem even further, were explosive facts that surfaced to create a complete meltdown.

Mr Edmond More’s primary shady business dealings was consorting with and servicing the local members the Russian mafia. Fuel purchases with dodgy East Africa gun-running money complete this questionable picture. And this was the “cash” that paid the Piper. “On return to SA, I met Adv Nobert G Sithole, representative of the National Security Agency (NSA). Armed with a warrant for my arrest, Advocate had been sent to investigate these mysterious matters of money movement. After thorough detailed research and information gathering, he realized that I was a pawn in a very ugly game of rogues”.

And so it came to pass, that the arresting officer magically transformed and became the arrestee, resulting in Advocate's conceptualisation and setting up of the now in place, world-first, humanitarian bank and flawless financial system.

And so this fascinating tale soldiers on, uncovering several smouldering skeletons, hidden in closets near and far…..Both Sultan Hareb and Barrister Kelechi had more than skeletons in their respective nefarious cupboards. A Sultan ( wanted criminal and fugitive) and a Lawyer (Lagos nightclub bouncer) evilly joined at the hip, furiously flying falsehood flags, on a self-enrichment mission.

“My efforts to sell fuel from Abu Dhabi National Oil Corporation (ADNOC) were derailed due to Sultan squandering my buyers funds to sell oil to Russian buyers”.

After several oil deal engagements, Dr Omar bin Sulaiman approached Maveric with news that he Omar, had secured a grant from Abu Dhabi Fund for Development (ADFD) for humanitarian work, when, in reality, these funds emanated from one of several Team Sultan Kelechi slippery oil deals.

Canada investor

I met Agatha via a person by the name of Andre Clark who defrauded you of 500k usd by telling you stuff about medicine kits and ferry boats to robben island who in my presence in Ghana asked you for 12k USD and after her call Andre calls the casino to set a place for him at the table and tells Agatha that he is living in Ghana.

Agatha kindly agreed to help clear funds in Ghana and agreed on an ROI of x amount per barrel of crude from Bonney Terminal which amounted to 640m USDi total, and was subsequently abandoned.

Agatha then got involved in clearing 12m USD Adv moved from Diamond Bank in Nigeria to Wells Fargo Las Vegas. When Wells Fargo asked for 40k USD to clear funds due to ECOWAS your son David decided this was a scam. Agatha preferred to pay IMF and World Bank much more. She then requested an appointment with Adv in Switzerland, but, despite making four appointments, never turned up.

Then Agatha decided to work with Adv and Marcus to clear Euroclear, and just as funds were to be released, tried to broker a private deal, attempting to take over the funds at both Euroclear and UAE whilst copying and pasting to Marcus and his excellency each others chats to try and discredit me.

After this breach of contract, Agatha and I went our separate ways, albeit Agatha maintained contact with Omar to continue trying to steal funds in UAE.

Communication reopen in 2016, whereafter Agatha derailed the completion a further 5 times and participated with people in South Africa to have me arrested.

Agatha paid 91K USD in Manie Grobler’s trust account to pay fees for Euroclear, which he failed to do and used these funds to cover his personal overdraft.

Agatha then joined forces with Riaan Kolesky, Roland van Nieuwenhuysen, Eugene Halliday and a haters group, formulated by Meena Rooplal, who took over Agatha’s Canada NGO when she (Agatha) resigned. Craig Roberts and Rudolf Strydom, two investors, friends of Rolf Gevers, another investor, who did due diligence and announced on facebook all was real. Thereafter Rolf’s ex wife (Marlene Algare) and her sidekick, Bokkie (aka Johann Els) attempts to have me arrested for fraud, failed. This prompted Bonny and Clyde to contact and alienate, all and sundry, including all Maveric NGO Sovereign States Facebook contacts plus illegally obtain Maveric confidential Company docs and use these to spread lies.

The IMF discovered that Agatha had sent 450k USD to Omar in UAE in Dec 2018, using Omar and Zahari to steal Maveric money. Agatha was fully aware as she signed for our sovereign status currency and bank on 29th september 2017 with FINCEN of the U S treasury.

My questions to Agatha is this:

Do you have any idea of the amount of crimes that you have committed by consorting with known terrorist, Omar, who used Maveric’s name to set up terrorist training camps in Jordan and that Capt Akim had to clear Maveric’s name at the UN. Further crimes of money laundering, trying to defraud a sovereign state, stealing money that did not belong to you, using ngo doc you were the head of to defraud the country you were part of, is treason.

You invested in clearing funds and entitled to a ROI, but not take over the entire fund for personal use, as this money is for humanitarian projects, and that action alone, is a crime against humanity.

Your lies and deceit are endless You think Nana was a fool but she knew you were transferring money to Omar and telling her how broke you are. I know I played open cards with you all the time while you had hidden agendas. You and your family enjoyed ridiculing me at every turn.

Ike, your brother, once told me you would climb over dead bodies to achieve your goal and I can see that is so true

I offered you 1 billion USD for 5m USD invested but that was not good enough, as you wanted it all. Now you and all the other haters of Maveric have nothing and going to be tried for crimes committed.

You complain to my mandate in Ghana that I made empty promises to you of a car and a log home. Did you tell him of your underhanded ways to steal Maveric funds and your efforts to derail Maveric completion.

Your futile attempts to destroy Maveric and see me buried, have, unfortunately for you, been unsuccessful and quite fruitless. I am still breathing and still have an entire entourage at my fingertips, so Maveric will continue and you and Omar will have to face the consequences of your actions.

As far as Club Donovan and lawyer Andre Phan is concerned and after all problems and accusations you put Clive and I through you tried to hack the bank that you claimed was fake. The IMF blocked you then you and Andrew opened a file at the same bank claiming refunds Have you any idea the crimes you committed trying to defraud an NGO makes me wonder if you were not working with Omar to steal the funds during your time in UAE.


Fri 19 October 2018 was a day of glad tidings with breaking news that Maveric Ghana NGO is in operation globally, visible on the system.The Registrar’s office has issued our clearance codes, we are now finally legal and able to start work. The final step in accessing our funds is a letter of acknowledgement from Government of Ghana under the office of the Chief of Staff to be issued to the Minister of Finance who, in turn, will issued a letter of consent to operate our bank accounts and access our legal funds in Ghana. The Minister of Finance has to release our letter of consent but require my signature in person so we are raising funds to complete this as well.

It was then discovered that a US Military officer had made a donation of 284m to Maveric NGO and further clearances by Economic Organised Crime Agency Ghana, FBI and World Bank were required to access our funds by Bank of Ghana.

I am very pleased to announce that, despite Eugene (Azasos) and his mistress/accomplice Tanya Pelser’s ongoing vicious evil vitriolic warfare against Maveric, my 10 year journey has concluded and we are ready to roll.

I am naming them as they have created much heartache and cost many people their lives and income with their facetiousness on social media.

Blatant misrepresentation to many soldiers in letters sent out to cv’s illegally using Maveric docs with illegal claims of world bank approval and disgusting actions have been put to an end and face the law for their false allegations and illegal actions.

The cost of clearing my name of allegations of money laundering, terrorism and storing caches of guns in Ghana was astronomical and they will be held responsible for this and damage they caused including all the people in the Noseweek magazine, Riaan Kolesky, Roland van Nieuwenhuysen and Manie Grobler.

Their endless efforts including physical, verbal and psychological abuse to stop Maveric from being is due to their greediness to take control of the funds for their personal enrichment not for helping humanity.

Discrediting me personally and shaming me on social media and news with false charges of scams and financial fraud to world authorities and local government offices have been proved by the justice system as just that, jealous greedy selfish unfounded allegations actions.

Threatening people’s families who wanted to be part of Maveric and discrediting them on social media. The lies spread via their friend in Noseweek will also be taken to book.


Her Highness, Sheikha Shamsa bint Suhail al Mazrouei - First Lady UAE - wife of President UAE Khalifa bin Zayed Al Nahyan) contacted me due to a website set up for Victims of War. In conversation, I told her of my problem in UAE, and Her Highness instructed the bank to move my funds, under presidential protection, set up an NGO and is now the patron of Maveric Middle East NGO with Maveric registered with Dubai charities and Humanitarian City and His Excellency, Ahmed Juma Al Zaabi, Deputy Minister Presidential Affairs and Maveric, court appointed, surety.

Her Highness, got her husband, President UAE Khalifa bin Zayed Al Nahyan to order Bank Emirates to pay Maveric damages of 25m USD on the original amount, 19m, due to the directors negligence causing problems, with many people arrested at this state-owned bank.

I was told to come to UAE to sign for the account to be opened. My investor was going to pay for my trip but did not after being told by Omar he would not meet me and believed the attached visa was falsified by Derek, my son. My visa application was granted on the email from the bank showing funds moved to UAE as i had no money to declare for travelling.

I asked my investor and family to present my documentation to the consulate for verification, but they never did. Also I explained this account, under presidential protection, is like a Swiss numbered tax free account and, as another investor found out, very very private, untraceable and not in the public domain.

After the funds had been moved to Abu Dhabi as per attached letter, I asked His Excellency to speak to Sheik Al Kindi, Governor Central Bank UAE, and, like His Excellency, also a director of ADFD, where the original amount came from, to please give me the money the bank made on trading my funds. This resulted in a further 60m USD credited to my account four years ago, a total 104m USD, and now with trading, amounts to a lot more at this date, Jan 2019. This is the calculation 104m USD x 40 week per year at 100% per week x 5 years is: 20.8bn USD. As a charity, we are entitled to 60% of the total, namely 12.48bn USD, and be credited to my account.

ADFD gave Maveric a grant for charity work based on my project, that I submitted to them, namely 31.8bn USD, secured by His Excellency and signed of by His Highness, whose brother is the president of ADFD.

Omar and Sultan Hareb used Maveric company docs to take money from DIFC in Dubai, a government owned investment bank and the amount is 100m USD. This is the reason why Omar was fired from DIFC and Sultan in jail, and his properties been confiscated by the government.

His Excellency has arranged for this money, including interest on trade, to be paid to my account. This money is 100m and 40 weeks at 100% x 9 years is 36bm and 60% of that is 21.6bn USD.

Then i have a grant of 50m USD from a bank called British Islamic Bank UK with a head office in UAE. His Excellency is communicating with them and they owe me 50m USD x 40 weeks at 100% x 9 years is 18bn USD and 60% of that 10.8bn USD. In addition, a loss of fuel sales for 5 years, caused by delayed payment and interest that would have been earned on trading said funds.

His Excellency is in negotiation with British Islamic Bank to pay this over to be used for the projects to rebuild the Middle East.

The various banks have made 100% profit and legally have to pay 60% of it over to the NGO.

Sultan made 400m USD on oil deals in Africa using Maveric Ghana documents, was paid in cash and in an ADFD account in his name. This 400m USD was also traded and thus, subject to interest as follows : 400m USD x 100% x 40 is 16bn per annum x 11 years = 176bn USD with 60% due to NGO : 105.6bn USD. His Excellency has found these funds and will be paid over to maveric account.

The total value of UAE funds are in the trillions of USD.

Maveric UAE is proud to announce that 11 November 2018 on World Armistice Day, celebrating 100 years commemorating a treaty signed - 11 Nov 1918 at 11am, Maveric NGO commences humanitarian operations in UAE with funds in place to alleviate poverty. Bank requires a letter delivered by court to set the daily limit messenger to operate the acc and this was derailed by someone trying to steal our funds but was stopped by IMF.

As a member of Dubai Charities and Humanitarian City of Dubai, Maveric Monarchy Middle East and Maveric NGO Humanitarian Bank is ready to implement Maveric Middle Eastern project at Maveric Villages throughout Middle East.

Maveric Monarchy Middle East (UAE registered NGO) will use funds received from ADFD and DIFC to accomplish this, the long awaited fulfillment of a dream, that started in 2010.

Maveric Lifestyle Villages consists of 60,000 fully furnished homes, free education and health care provided for displaced families from war-torn poverty stricken countries. As safety and protection of village citizens’ is absolutely paramount, peace-loving Maveric Mighty Military Men will be stationed, present and visible 24 hours around the clock. Maveric Lifestyle Villages, fully functional to service the village people: 60,000 homes, 1000 bed university hospital, schools, universities, banks, clinics, guesthouses, hotels, learning academies, a village green (library, nightclub, bandstand, amphitheatre, planetarium, theatre), drama school, model agency, sports stadium, recreation centre.

Maveric monarchy conceptualized by H E Juma Al Zaabi, court appointed surety, and Maveric CEO and founder, Gypsey Luongo. Maveric NGO Sovereign States provinces in Middle East will have representation at the GCC.

“To unite to stop wars and give the Middle East back its dignity by reviving the Islamic Golden era, promote trade and industry, rebuild broken lives, recreate tourism offerings in the lands of desert sands with mystical magick where visitors can be transported to far away lands of perfumed gardens, bazaar trading, camel safaris and the ancient life of rebuilt lost cities “ said Monarch Maveric Sovereign States NGO, Gypsey Luongo.

Gypsey Luongo says:

Maveric owes a great thanks to our USA Ambassador Jennifer Lapite for going the extra mile to complete the requirements of global networks after the South African and Canadian investors formed a haters group and went out of their way to create stumbling blocks, by contacting the very institutions I was ridiculed on social media about and accused of being fraudulent, demanding refunds, accusations of money laundering, setting up terrorist training camps while they underhandedly tried to hack those very institution to steal the fictitious funds and going to court in UAE with fake claims of stealing and then my absolute best, telling financial institutions i am dead.

Thank you Jennifer and friends for your efforts to take Maveric across the finish line against all odd.

See HOW we RUN…

  • Maveric Monarchy, an absolute monarchy, with a council of elders, to issue guidelines of a enlightened lifestyle.
  • I am no ones boss everyone has a free will.
  • I just keep things together but no ones boss.
  • Free will is an ancient country lifestyle right.
  • Where there are elders and we guide people.
  • If you find our way of life a challenge, you are most welcome to leave.
  • We have no man- made laws, no prisons, no punishment.
  • The law is law of nature simply put : DO NO HARM.
  • Elders have to be of a very high strict moral code which is the path to enlightenment and comes with knowledge.
  • Each village will be under military governance and military will be present on the village council elders.

Even so, this freedom has to be managed with coaching people to understand the full concept of this right. Ensuring a safe blissful lifestyle for all are Maveric Mighty Military Men (and a woman or three) with outstanding peacekeeping qualities, unfailing strength and precision in all things.

In closing, as my father Dr Michele Enrico Luongo opened magickal doors for me, I would like to open sesame to use gifts of the Creator and treasures from global authorities to recreate the stories that inspired and fascinated me whilst growing up. Maveric’s Sovereign Status is the platform to do just that in each of the 1500 Lifestyle Villages throughout Africa and the Middle East.

Maveric Lifestyle villages will have a state library called House of Wisdom based on the ancient Islamic golden age learning centres on the village green.

This library will be the first of its kind a journey of discovery in the House of Wisdom starting with Enki 450000 years ago.

A children's section on fantasy, A planetarium, the voyages of discovery, ancient kingdoms, lost civilizations, history of trading,origins of money, different kinds of philosophy's, science,inventions, space and much much more.

Aladdin and the forty thieves in their cave of stolen treasure is how our bazaar will be seen by the traveller who ventures into our magickal realm.

The forgotten world of Scheherazade 1001 nights will be recreated in a mysterious wonderful world of wonders highlighting spices and treasures from the east, silks from China, frankincense from Yemen and Oman, Gold and precious stones from ancient kingdoms of Africa, silver crafted treasure chests from Mali, wooden carvings from Kakum forests of the Ashanti kingdom, exotic birds from Cameroon and Tanzanite from the spiritual mountain of Kilimanjaro.

A stroll down the canopied cobble roads of the bazaar will lead you to coffee emporiums, perfumeries, multicultural cuisine, Egyptian glass blowers where the travellers purse will be lightened in bargaining between shop owner and client.

And a mystical gypsey caravan with a gypsy playing the cards of life streets filled with street actors from far and wide.

Let us transport you and your shopping from our magickal realm on colourful litters and rickshaws back to your hotel as you end your sojourn from the past.

“My greatest dream is for tourists from all over the world to travel to our villages and experience the lost ambiance of africa and the middle east and create a world where our children can have dreams and think big and be great”.

“Thanks to the great wisdom of Adv Nobert G Sithole, Maveric will be all everyone ever wanted. Maveric is dedicated to great leaders of my birth country - Cecil John Rhodes and Ian Smith, and of my adopted country, Paul Kruger and his generals, who were my inspiration and together with my father, Dr Michelle Enrico Luongo, a 2-Star General (WWII), a civil engineer and the greatest father, taught me to stand fast in my beliefs, my Creator who gave me these great gifts to use for humanity, the UN, USA and British Government and related agencies who signed off on maveric ngo sovereign states. And finally, Switzerland, home of our NGO and who gave refuge to South Africa’s first president, Paul Kruger many years ago and who died there in exile, paving the way for Maveric to be reborn there” says Gypsey Luongo, President Maveric NGO Sovereign States.

In the words of Rhodesian ballad singer John Edmund “The kruger millions are not the gold but the precious lives of man,animals and fauna of our continent“

Maveric NGO Sovereign State with a permanent seat in the hallowed chambers of the UN Security Council will use their voice to achieve aims and goals of Afrikaner forefathers to foster peace among nations. Maveric government and leadership has much to live up to and failure is not an option. A big thank you to global network for your trust and, Maveric, like the Afrikaner forefathers will fight this battle and win.

As wild and crazy as this all sounds we have the funds to achieve this and Maveric have the team with the determination to execute this .. The new fairy tale of the new age of aquarius the era of spiritual enlightenment begins ….


Africa and the Middle east was the cradle of mankind and then the Romans came to north africa and expanded the known world and the tribes of europe became more civilized and travelled to africa and middle east to discover such wealth and culture.

This led to the destruction and conquering of the areas and the beginning of the 2000 years of aggression between Christianity and Islam.

I now know why this adventure to rebuild africa started in ghana as the drawing shows the slave trade in britain started there usa and canada were colonies of britain where the slaves were taken to work the cotton fields forced slavery and banishment of whites from UK and EU made up the people of the USA as well as a few adventures and pioneers.

I discovered this image and wonder if the almighty is telling us a story in this image.

This is my personal African history.

My mother was Afrikaans and my father was Italian from Roman descent.

My grandmother died in the concentration camps in Anglo Boer War 11 where the British locked up women and children and fed them food with glass in to make them bleed internally her husband my grandfather and farm workers were sent to work in ceylon as prisoners of war.

My father was a 2 Star General in WW2 in somalia as it was colonized by Italy for expansion of agriculture trade as well as sharing of knowledge.

During WW2 British took over all Italian property and the italians were prisoners of war . As my father was also a civil engineer he helped build roads, bridges and dams for the British.

I was born in Rhodesia a country never recognised as a sovereign state so i am very proud that 10 Downing street signed for Maveric to be a sovereign entity as well as the White House.

Maveric has due to my work at Orange Farm received these amazing gifts of sovereign status humanitarian bank currency and the ability to create income to be totally self sustaining as well as the sums of money we have to due Adv Sithole wise investment so we can have our NGO in Africa Middle East USA as well as Canada to help the people who have such a great need.

I am very proud and honoured to receive this from the first lady in UAE.

Personal Message from Her Highness Sheikha Shamsa bint Suhail Al Mazrouei (First Lady UAE) received.

Personal Message from Her Highness Sheikha Shamsa bint Suhail Al Mazrouei (First Lady UAE) to Madam President, Gypsey Luongo, Maveric NGO Sovereign States, received Sat 23 Feb 2019 at 8:01PM.

"I started my Middle Eastern women empowerment movement which strives for equal rights for women. I have also sent an official note with His Excellency Juma Al Zaabi for full diplomatic pass under the president to anywhere in the world as he says he is going to Switzerland for your charity organization. I am proud of what women are doing this new era. You can reply to me with any other issues you have. Keep it up. Regards”.


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